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Time Management & Personal Effectiveness


What is Unique About This Course?

Most Time Management courses do not work! Why? Because they try and get you to change your behaviour by telling you the right strategies. But our behaviours are governed by our psychology, how we think and how we feel. This course is unique because it delves much deeper into the latest psychological research and brain neurology to understand how we can perform at our peak. It emphasises the need for mental clarity to focus on creative business solutions, and how we can create that in the workplace. It is based on over a decade of coaching and training in Time Management and Personal Effectiveness, and seeing what practical strategies actually work.

What is also unique is that most courses do not spell out how you can implement the changes. This course gives you practical tools and templates you can use on day 1 to help you become more efficient and effective day to day.


After experiencing the course, participants report the following benefits:

1. Saving on average 1 to 2 hours per day in efficiency savings (getting more done in less time). Just think what you could do with that extra time!
2. Focusing on delivering high value day to day.  Advanced prioritisation and planning tools which focus on value creation for both clients and the organisation.
3. Feeling more in control of their workloads
4. Reduced stress, increased job satisfaction & better Work/Life balance

Ashok Gupta has trained thousands of professionals all over the world, using his unique “Turning Ideas Into Action” (TIA) technology based on ground-breaking psychological principles. The course receives some of the highest feedback scores of any courses run at various companies, and is designed to instil long term change.

The course is available as a unique interactive video course containing 6 modules, as if you were attending a training course in person, together with handouts. The course is 4 and a half hours in total. Participants can decide to run through the course in one sitting, or can watch one module a day and complete the course in a week, fitting the course around their work commitments.

You can view a video on the contents of the course and outcomes here

The interactive DVD can be purchased as a licence for Personal Home Use only, or as a Corporate Licence where the DVD package can be used within an internal lending library by more than one employee. It can also be purchased as videos hosted on your internal intranet, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your requirements and we will provide a quotation.

The Interactive DVD package includes:
- 4 and a half hours of interactive media-rich video training over 2 DVDs
- A comprehensive pack of worksheets and handouts
- An MP3 Visualisation Exercise to program the mind for success
- An MP3 Meditation Exercise

5% of all profits from are donated to developmental charity projects in Asia and Africa.



“With the TIA system, I have been able to get more focused and get on with things – it’s great to feel much more productive! I have literally doubled my productivity!” J.B., Management Consultant

“This is an excellent course that has been really valuable for me, it is really practical and I’ve changed things right from day one.” T.R. Finance Professional

“I have to say that I am really benefiting from the workshop you ran at Oxford, and in particular from the 5 Minute Manager. Already I feel calmer, and more on top of my workload, and it is true to say that I have been able to tackle some of the bigger topics that I had been putting off. Thanks!” N.R. Director

“I was sceptical that anything could help me with my time management as I’ve been on courses before. However the TIA system is very unique and my day has completely changed. I like the fact that I’m much more aware of myself now and when I fall into bad habits, and I just feel more focused and less stressed. I can juggle demands very easily with the new system. Great stuff!” P.M. IT Project Manager