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Get to Work Energised, Arrive Home From Work Relaxed!



Metrotherapy is a ground breaking new audio programme which helps reduce stress, increase focus, and boost productivity at work.

The audio tracks teach powerful mind tools, which can be used whilst travelling on trains, buses, planes, or as a car passenger. They are clinically proven to reduce stress. It is designed for the busy commuter who wants to take charge of their time spent travelling. There are four main programmes in the audio system:

1. Metro-Breathing - Calm the mind through deep rhythmic breathing

2. Metro-Meditation - Centre yourself with a surprisingly easy meditation and arrive energised!

3. Metro-Visualisation - Get energised and focused for the day ahead!

4. Winding Down from Work Meditation. - Leave work behind you!

FACT: Over 44% of people rate rush hour travelling as one of the biggest stress in their lives (ISMA – International Stress Management Association)

Metrotherapy is designed to help people deal with work stress, by helping them to NOT buy into the stress culture of a large city, For instance, who said the journey to work needs to be stressful? It is the one time during the day when people have time to themselves, to really centre themselves…ME time!

Metrotherapy can help achieve great benefits in your Personal and Professional life by helping you to learn to:

- Relax on your Journey to and From Work & Use it Productively

- Have More Energy Throughout the Day and Beat Fatigue

– Be More Efficient and Effective at Work through a more Balanced Mind

- Understand and Reduce Stress in your life

- Learn to Handle Emotions Positively

- Enjoy Deeper More Refreshing Sleep

Metrotherapy is the culmination of seven years of research, and takes the best tools and techniques from the following areas: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Intelligence (EI), Relaxation Exercises, Meditation Techniques, Visualisation techniques and Breathing Techniques.

Metrotherapy can be purchased as an audio CD which can be shipped anywhere in the world, or as an MP3 download.

Track Listing:

Track 1:  Introduction to Metrotherapy

Track 2: Introduction to Metro-Breathing
Track 3: Metro- Breathing Exercise

Track 4: Introduction to Metro-Meditation
Track 5: Metro-Meditation Exercise

Track 6: Introduction to Metro-Visualisation
Track 7: Metro-Visualisation Exercise

Track 8: Introduction
Track 9: Winding Down From Work Meditation



“I have been using Metrotherapy techniques recently, and have found huge benefits in both my personal and professional life" Richard Bacon, TV & Radio Presenter