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Contents of The DVD Programme


'Turning Ideas Into Action' (TIA System) is a ground-breaking 4 and a half hour interactive video training course which can be viewed as a half day workshop, or as a week long course, watching one module a day. It comes with a set of handouts as if you were attending a training course in person.

The Interactive DVD package includes:
- 6 Training Modules, over 4 and a half hours of interactive media-rich video training on 2 DVDs
- A comprehensive pack of worksheets and handouts
- An MP3 Visualisation Exercise to program the mind for success
- An MP3 Meditation Exercise

Module 1 (40 mins) - The Principles of Time Management
A) The Psychology of Time Management
B) Prioritisation and the Value of Time
C) The Productivity Principles

Outcomes: By the end of this module, participants will:

- understand the psychology behind inappropriate time management behaviours

- know how to use the urgency/importance matrix

- understand the importance of strategic goal setting and how that fits with day to day tactical work

- be able to recognise the difference between conscious and subconscious prioritisation

- understand the key ways of working which boost productivity

- how to get into the 'Flow State' for peak productivity

Module 2 (50 mins) - Getting Organised and Productive
A) Optimal Time Management System
B) The 5 Minute Daily Time Manager
C) The 4 D’s Exercise

Outcomes: By the end of this module, participants will:

- be able to use a powerful time management system for managing a large volume of incoming tasks

- how to filter out low value tasks

- understand the importance of planning

- how to use to-do lists and diaries in a more sophisticated manner

- be able to use the "5 Minute Daily Time Manager" - organising for peak productivity using a powerful template that only takes 5 minutes each day

Module 3 (25 mins) - Banish Procrastination
A) What is Procrastination?
B) The Causes of Procrastination
C) Tools to Banish Procrastination

Outcomes: By the end of this module, participants will:

- understand what procrastination is

- understand the psychological reasons why we procrastinate

- learn many tools, both practical and psychological, to overcome it

Module 4 (20 mins) - Productive Action Meetings
A) Meeting Preparation – The TOTAL Agenda
B) Meeting Management

Outcomes: By the end of this module, participants will:

- understand why meetings often do not deliver results

- know how to create interesting stimulating meeting environments and processes

- learn how to prepare a comprehensive ‘TOTAL’ agenda

- learn how to use the ‘Action Plan’ template during meetings

- how to deal with topic migration and topic magnification

- how to reduce the amount of time taken in meetings

- how to reach decisions quickly

Module 5 (1 hr 15 mins) - Dealing with Time Stealers (each section is optional but advisable)
A) Saying "No" without Saying "No"! (9m)
B) Distractions, Interruptions & The Flow State (18m)
C) Effective Delegation (6m)
D) Being On Time (3m)
E) Information Overload & Speed Reading (3m)
F) Work Overload & Setting Boundaries (3m)
G) Health and Energy (6m)
H) Working Across Time Zones (2m)
I) Travel Time (2m)
J) Applying Time Management to Team Working (5m)
K) Stress Management & Time Management (17m)

Outcomes: By the end of this module, participants will:

- learn how to say ‘No’ effectively in a solution orientated manner

- know how to get rid of distractions and interruptions to get into ‘Flow State’

- understand how to delegate effectively, and what to delegate

- understand the psychology of why we are often late, and how to overcome this

- learn how to diagnose the reasons for feeling overloaded, and what to do about it

- learn key principles to increase health and levels of energy throughout the day

- know how to use travel time effectively

- other outcomes based on which sections are viewed

Module 6 (20 mins) - Efficient Email System
A) Clearing Your Inbox – Hoarders vs Sorters
B) Reducing Email Volume
C) Writing Clear Concise Emails
D) Tips and Tricks

Outcomes: By the end of this module, participants will:

- know how to clear their inbox, and why it is so important to do so

- learn techniques to reduce the amount of email in their inboxes

- be able to use a simple process to write concise emails which help their colleagues

- learn a variety of tips and tricks to reduce the negative impact of email overload

Putting It All Together (10 mins)
A summary of all the key behaviourial and psychological changes required to become a fantastic time manager.

You can purchase the interactive DVD programme for personal home use, or with a corporate licence for multiple use. Finally it is also available as streaming videos hosted on your intranet, with a yearly licence fee. Please click on the "Add to Cart" buttons on the right hand side to purchase the product



“With the TIA system, I have been able to get more focused and get on with things – it’s great to feel much more productive! I have literally doubled my productivity!” J.B., Management Consultant

“This is an excellent course that has been really valuable for me, it is really practical and I’ve changed things right from day one.” T.R. Finance Professional

“I have to say that I am really benefiting from the workshop you ran at Oxford, and in particular from the 5 Minute Manager. Already I feel calmer, and more on top of my workload, and it is true to say that I have been able to tackle some of the bigger topics that I had been putting off. Thanks!” N.R. Director

“I was sceptical that anything could help me with my time management as I’ve been on courses before. However the TIA system is very unique and my day has completely changed. I like the fact that I’m much more aware of myself now and when I fall into bad habits, and I just feel more focused and less stressed. I can juggle demands very easily with the new system. Great stuff!” P.M. IT Project Manager